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What programs do you have?


Beauty for Ashes Women and Children's Home- 10-12 months 

Adult and Teen Challenge Virginia Women's Home- 10 to 12 months

Adult and Teen Challenge Virginia Men's Non-Residential

Our Non-Residential Program, Ready Now Recovery, is a facilitated small group ministry that is participant-centered. There is not a determined length of time for this program. You determine the groups that you need for healthy recovery. We give you resources to create an action plan and set goals concerning your relationships, education, employment, and spiritual growth.

What does the long-term program entail?


Our Long-Term Programs are a 10 to 12 month residential Christian discipleship programs to help women and women with children overcome life-controlling issues. The minimum age requirement is 18 and there is no maximum age. It is a community-living setting, sharing the home with daily chores evenly divided amongst all residents in the program. We offer a balanced schedule made up of classes, work days, prayer, meals, chores, Bible studies, church services, on-campus chapel, recreation, group outings, events, community service, outreach, fundraising, and free time.

How much does it cost?


All of our programs are funded by private donations. We do ask families to help with monthly contributions to offset some costs, if possible. We try to help anyone ready to change their life—even if they don’t have the financial means to contribute.  

Can I smoke while in the program? 


No, all of our programs are a smoke-free, tobacco-free, vape-free environments.

Can I work while in the program? 


There is no working while in Long-term Residential Programs for women and women with children.  During the last 3 months of the program we work on exit planning, resume building, and job searching. 

Can you accept someone on prescription medication


We do not allow any narcotic, psychiatric, mood altering, or behavior modifying medications. Applicants currently on such medications are required to consult with their doctor to determine if it is appropriate or possible to wean off any medication before coming to Adult & Teen Challenge. We are not a medical facility and do not meet the requirements to administer such medications for those in a community setting like our program. It is important to discuss all medication concerns with intake as part of the application process.



How do I get a loved one into the program? 


Have your loved one contact our Admissions Department.  Although we will be more than happy to help you through the process, we are unable to assist an adult who is unwilling to accept our help.

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