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Beauty for Ashes Women and Children's Home

Providing hope and healing to mother and child

Fredericksburg, Virginia

Stephanie Cole

Program Director


Stephanie came from a broken home.  Her parents divorced at an early age, and she became very angry as a child. This led to rebellious activity as a teenager which only spiraled for the worst in her early 20’s.  Drugs and alcohol ran her life, but she was able to fool everyone

around her only for so long.  A car accident and drug charges changed the direction of her life completely.  She dropped out of college and the hole she was digging herself into only got deeper as time went on. Her future looked dim as she began the vicious cycle of rehab stays

and incarceration.  With probation over her head, it still was not enough.  Counseling didn’t seem to help, and medication didn’t either.

Her life was crumbling around her.  She was looking for love in all the wrong places.

The feeling of failure became all too familiar. However, she was afforded the opportunity to enter Teen Challenge in Philadelphia in early 2014.  Stephanie was not raised to be a believer, so everything began to change for her during her time in Teen Challenge.  She graduated the program in April of 2015 and shortly after was afforded the opportunity to come work in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  She began her time at Beauty For Ashes Women and Children's Home as a Residential Intern and over time she became the Daycare Assistant, Daycare Director, then Program Coordinator and now Program Director... over 8 years of serving!  Her time working in this ministry has been priceless.  It has truly shaped her as a leader in so many ways.  God is SO GOOD!  She now holds a Bachelors in Counseling, is actively pursuing her Masters in Counseling, and is a wife and a mommy. 388-2191

Ashley Garrett

Program Coordinator 


(540) 286-3122

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